Champions of Family Medicine Legacy Council

The WAFP-Foundation enthusiatically announces the launch of the Champions of Family Medicine Legacy Council. This charitable initiative has been created to provide WAFP members an opportunity to establish a personal legacy and make a lasting impact on Family Medicine in Wisconsin. Now you can help ensure that a program meaningful to you, along with the mission* of the Foundation, continues for years to come by including the WAFP-Foundation in your estate planning.

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WAFP past president, Alan Schwartzstein, MD, FAAFP shares his story of becoming a legacy member of the Foundation's Champions of Family Medicine Legacy Council.


What motivated you to make a gift to the WAFP-Foundation through your will?

My wife and I have a life goal of helping to “make the world a better place”, or “repair a corner of the world”, as we say in our faith. This desire extends beyond our lives on earth. While we will leave some money to our children, we have raised them to become independent and not to count on us providing for them.  With that in mind, we have made designations in our wills for a portion to go to 5 different charitable organizations. The WAFP-Foundation is an easy choice, since it promotes the specialty of family medicine. We both firmly believe in the work of the Foundation towards creating a health care system based on family medicine, by assisting medical students to learn through experience the joys of practice, and in other ways. We wish for our grant to continue to “do good work” long after we are gone.
Was it easy to include a bequest to the Foundation in your will?
Yes, our estate lawyer and the Foundation worked together on the specifics.
What advice or encouragement can you give to others who may be interested in participating in the WAFP-Foundation's Champions of Family Medicine Legacy Council?
If you are dedicated to preserving family medicine for our state and country, the WAFP-Foundation has many programs which can fulfill your wishes.

For more information about joining Dr. Schwartzstein and becoming a legacy member of the Champions of Family Medicine Legacy Council, please contact the WAFP-Foundation office or call 262-512-0606.
*The mission of the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians - Foundation is to enhance the quality of family health care in Wisconsin through funding of appropriate education, research and philanthropic projects of the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians by providing significant support and stewardship of funds.


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