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2018 Individual Founders Circle Donors


Zachary Baesemann, MD

Steve Bartz, MD

David Deci, MD

Mark Deyo-Svendsen, MD

Lisa Dodson, MD

Andrea Gavin, MD

Matt Hunsaker, MD

Janice Litza, MD

Karen Locher, MD

Elizabeth Pyne, MD

Richard Roberts, MD

Richard Shropshire, MD

Sabina Singh, MD

Mark Deyo-Svendsen, MD, FAAFP is a WAFP member, on the WAFP-F Board of Directors and Founders Circle donor

Why did you choose to donate to the campaign, Students to National Conference, and how is that important you?

My spouse and I are very deliberate in our annual giving plan. We invest in organizations that share our vision and our values. By joining with other people with similar goals, we can do so much more that we could ever do by ourselves. WAFP is a great partner in advocating for the health care needs of the communities we serve, and is the only significant voice to call students in to Family Medicine.

What do you want accomplish by giving to Students to National Conference?

The National Conference is always the singular event that motivates students to go in to Family Medicine, or confirms that plan for those who always knew they wanted to be a Family Physician. By supporting attendance at the National Conference, we are helping to build the workforce of our future.

What advice would you giving to up and coming medical student wanting to pursue Family Medicine in Wisconsin?

Go to Kansas City as often as you can. Spend time in a rural or small-town rotation and experience the joy that comes with providing care to people of all ages and stages of life.


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