Donor List

2018 Individual Donors 



Zachary Baesemann, MD  
Steve Bartz, MD  
David Deci, MD  
Mark Deyo-Svendsen, MD  
Lisa Dodson, MD  
Andrea Gavin, MD  
Matt Hunsaker, MD  
Janice Litza, MD  
Karen Locher, MD  
Elizabeth Pyne, MD  
Richard Roberts, MD  
Richard Shropshire, MD  
Sabina Singh, MD  


Valerie Gilchrist, MD  
Kirsten Grove, DO  
David and Mary Anne Lillich  
Rebecca and Chistopher Lundh  
Lisa Mink, MD  
Larry Pheifer  
Robert and Nancy Sander  
Alan Schwartzstein, MD  
Eric Stader, MD  
Daniel Sutton, MD  
Blaise Vitale, MD  


Jane Anderson, MD  
Rachel Bennett, MD  
Sanee Bonnell, MD  
Douglas Bower, MD  
Emily Brill, MD  
Calvin Bruce, MD  
Byron Crouse, MD  
Rodney Erickson, MD  
Kristine Flowers, MD  
Wes Fox, MD  
Kristen Fox, MD  
William Gaertner, MD  
Suzanne Gehl, MD  
Gergory Gill, MD  
Danielle Gindlesberger, MD  
Mike Grajewski, MD  
Thomas Grau, MD, MA, FAAFP  
Irene Hamrick, MD  
William Heifner, MD  
Jennifer Hussli, MD  
Kirk Lane, MD  
Jennifer Lochner, MD  
Corazon Loteyro, MD  
Edward Malone, MD  
Beth Menzel, MD  
Erin Morcomb, MD  
Mike Munger, MD  
Cheri Olson, MD  
Dave Olson, MD  
Jacob Prunuske, MD  
Keren Rosner, MD  
Paul Russo, MD  
Mike Saunders, MD  
Teresa Saunders  
Ken Schellhase, MD  
Robert Sedlacek, MD  
Karen Shulman, MD  
James Slawson, MD  
Alan Strobusch, MD  
Jonathan Temte, MD  
Jeremy Waldhart, DO  
David Wehby, MD  
Patty Witte, MD  
Elizabeth Ziemann, MD  

Under $100

John Brill, MD  
Theodore Fox, MD  
Lowell Keppel, MD  
Heather Koch, MD  
Kenneth Redin, MD  
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