2015McGovern-Tracy107It was a huge honor to be selected as the recipient from an amazingly talented group of my colleagues. I also had the distinct honor to meet David and his wife at the Tracy McGovern awards ceremony, which was a humbling and inspiring experience. I aspire to live up to the high standards that he has set for rural health and primary care. He is a passionate and dedicated physician and I hope to serve my patients with the same passion and dedication.

This award will be immensely helpful in offsetting the costs of perusing rural rotations and the additional training necessary to allow me to pursue full spectrum family medicine. Simply the gas and mileage to drive from clinic to the hospital on a regular basis adds up quickly. At this point, my second and third years of residency are still shaping themselves but I plan to rotate with established rural physicians to better understand obstetric management and practice design. I plan to pursue OB ultrasound training and colonoscopy training as well in order to bring these skills to my future rural clinic. In addition, I will use some of these funds to attend both the AAFP National Conference as well as potentially a rural health or women's health conference. I hope to learn more through these experiences about ways to advocate from rural health systems and the needs and challenges faced by these systems and the populations they serve.

Rural family medicine has always been the perfect fit for me. I have always enjoyed rural living, growing up in a rural town on the outskirts of Madison and enjoying every aspect of the exploring nature. This led me to pursue the rural training tract, the WARM program, through the UW medical school. Family Medicine was again just a natural fit for me as I discovered my passion for providing care to all ages and I was very fortunate to work within a program that fostered this love and encouraged a future in family medicine.

Emily Ramharter, MD
2015 Recipient





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